Completed PhDs

Name of the Ph.D scholar Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration Year of award of Ph.D.
Vivek P. Dr. Lajish V. L. Hidden markov model based keyword spotting for malayalam speech analytics 2012 2018
Benson C C Dr. Lajish V. L. Brain magnetic resonance image classification using multiple instance learning and tumor segmentation based on watershed algorithms 2012 2018
Sandesh E PA Dr. Lajish V. L. Speaking Lip Animation based on Active Appearance Models A Unified Framework for Malayalam Visual Speech Synthesis 2012 2020
Reshma P.K Dr. Lajish V. L Soft Computing Approaches to Domain Specific Information Retrieval in Semantic Web. 2012 2021
Anoop Kadan Dr. Lajish V. L
TEXTUAL AFFECT:  A Computational Study Towards the Detection, Utility, and Algorithmic Fairness  of Emotions in Text
2016 2023

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